Four More to Go

31 03 2012

Marjoram’s Chapter 22 is up. It looks like four more will see it through to completion.

A few notes: I am calling the Mormon planet Bringham I may change to Brigham at a later date but for now it is as it is. I also left out much concerning their society and especially how woman fit in, another thing for later but will not return there in this draft version.

Hope to have another chapter in a week.


Marjoram 22 Will Be On TIme

29 03 2012

I still have to finish it but it should be ready on Saturday. My problem then becomes how exactly to finish this book. It is a serial novel after all and there is at least one more novel left to write. I want to end this one on a high note and am running out of time. Check in on Saturday for the latest.

Chapter 21 of Marjoram is Up

24 03 2012

Another long chapter that I will continue to edit over the next several days. The last 500 words or so was going to be the lead for the next chapter but it made more sense to keep it in 21 so that 22 starts fresh.

I want to end this book in a way that even though the Cardoman story continues this book is a stand alone entity. I have four of five more chapters to see how I manage. Next chapter in another week to ten days.

Chapter 21 Almost Done

22 03 2012

Just so you know, it will go up Saturday. Stay tuned.

Marjoram 20 Posted

17 03 2012

Chapter 20 is a long one with a geeky start. Still the math is mostly true if you leave out some relativistic considerations. And it is another explanation for the Dinosaur Killer.

I have a good start on Chapter 21 and expect it will be finished by next Saturday.

Certain for Saturday – Chapter 20 of Marjoram

14 03 2012

Once I got back to work on this chapter it went well. Starts out with a segment that could have been written as a Doc Science short, but it fits better here. As for the rest. . . Well come back Saturday and see for yourself.

Nothing New Today

10 03 2012

Life kinda caught up with me this past week, but I did finish the first part, about a third, of chapter 2O. I’ll get it posted as soon as it is complete, no later than next weekend. Promise.