Something’s Happening

Something’s happening, I just lost another day. The computer I keep off the internet says it’s Tuesday the 11th, the one connected says it’s Friday the 7th. Just a few minutes ago it said it was Saturday the 8th. The posts and stories are all dropping away. At first I thought it was just the Colony site then I noticed the same thing at the FutureVerse and now it is happening everywhere on the web. One by one they are all—all of the pages and the posts—disappearing.

It was snowing lightly when I went outside this morning to check my mail. Strange tire tracks in the driveway and weird footprints in the snow. There must have been three or four of them; the footprints were very narrow and far apart. They went all around the house, showing plainly every time someone– something– stopped to peer through windows. I got a camera and took pictures, took the camera back inside and went to get the mail.

When I downloaded the photos to take a look at them all I saw on the screen was the clean freshly fallen snow. No tracks, no footprints, not even my own. I hunted up a film camera with two exposures left and went back outside. By then snow had covered everything. I thought I could see some gentle depressions but it might have been my imagination.

I’ve been trying to call people for an hour now. All I get are busy signals and answering machines. I must be going crazy. That would be the best explanation. I can’t think of any other.

Back on the internet, it took a long time to connect. Every bookmark brings back — “Error 404 – Page Not Found.”

I have not heard any traffic on the road for more than half an hour now. I drove the quarter mile to check on my nearest neighbor and nobody was home. And no tracks in the driveway either. I’m going to get in the car and head into town. I will finish this up when I get back.